Art Director:
Cat Clark

Directors: Devin Whetstone and Micah Gendron /Agency
Producer: Danny Ryan

Post Production: Superjoy
Colorist: Roslyn Di Sisto - Royal Muster
Creative Director: Tom Scharpf

My partner and I had the opportunity to pitch this concept to a production company in the fall of 2023. 

We won the pitch and produced this spot in March of 2024. 

Music For  Every Moment

With over 4 Billion playlists, Spotify has music for every moment. Even the ones where you get fired as the mall Easter Bunny.

Our out of homes showcase playlists that speak to the real and sometimes embarrassing moments in our lives.

Digital Experience

Input your experience to the in-app playlist generator to get a curated playlist for your moment. 

Playlists will be personalized with the user’s name and shareable across all social channels.